Senior Corporate Partner

Location: NSW, Australia
Salary: $1,000,000 - $500,000
Contact: Felicity McManus on 0405537153

Having established yourself as a corporate partner of repute, building up a team in the process, you would likely be looking for a setting where you can start to have genuine input around the firm’s direction. Essentially you’d be looking to ensure you have a seat at the decision making table.

This setting has a relatively newly established corporate offering, and one that is primarily made up of partners on the upswing, with the most senior player engaged in a global management role. There is therefore opportunity for a senior corporate partner with gravitas to take the reins and be central to growth targets.

Combining the genuine desire from senior global management to drive this expansion and inter-departmental referrals being credited dollar for dollar, you will find the right balance of ambition with collegiality and a good home for your existing client base.

The firm’s model allows for partners to be remunerated through a combination of a fixed draw component and incentives from a global profit pool, ensuring you will see direct benefit from your efforts.